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Lindsey Twigg

Lindsey is an HR content writer and lifestyle blogger.

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Why You Should Be Screening Your Remote Employees’ Social Media

According to Global Workplace Analytics, at least 40% of the workforce works remotely with some...


Hiring in a Pandemic: How Alternative Data Sources Can Help Streamline Your Hiring Process

In the past few weeks, hiring managers have had to dramatically adjust their hiring practices in...

holistic screening / featured

Holistic Screening: How Social Media Screening Complements Your Background Screening Workflow


Attitudes About Marijuana are Changing

Diversity / Inclusion / toxic workplace behavior / culture fit

Why Culture Fit is Killing Your Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity / Inclusion / toxic workplace behavior

Want to Drive Diversity? Start by Reducing Toxic Workplace Behavior


social media screening / social media policy / Monitoring / featured

The Benefits of Monitoring: What Happens After the Hiring Process Is Over?


It’s a great question to ask: what happens after the hiring process is over? Presumably,...


hr / social media screening / toxic workplace behavior

Why Company Values are the Beginning and End of your Toxic Behavior Prevention Strategy


bad hires / social media background checks / social media screening / workplace safety / hiring / Workplace Harassment / toxic workplace behavior

The Economic Cost of Toxic Behavior In the Workplace


social media screening / toxic workplace behavior / #metoo

#metoo Two Years Later: Are Workplaces Any Better?

It’s been two years since the #metoo movement exploded into the cultural consciousness--and...

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