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Lindsey Twigg

Lindsey is an HR content writer and lifestyle blogger. She routinely belts showtunes in her car named Fergus and is excessively proud of her thrifting habits.

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SI x Accusource Webinar: Social Media Screening for Employers

WHO: Social Intelligence and partner Accusource


SHRM / social media background checks / social media screening / Diversity / Inclusion / Adjudication

SI President Bianca Lager to Speak at SHRM Inclusion 2019


social media background checks / social media policy / Millennials / FCRA Compliance / Privacy

Last Weekend and Bikini-Shaming: How Not to Screen Your Employees

Over the weekend, a story broke involving a Texas company Kickass Masterminds and one of their...


social media background checks / social media screening / Risk management / Privacy

Interview With the Experts: What You Need to Know About Social Media Screening


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Social Intelligence President Bianca Lager to Speak at NAPBS 2019

Social Intelligence is pleased to announce that our President, Bianca Lager, will be speaking at...


Social Media Firings Roundup: Summer Edition

Every so often we comb through our bookmarks to compile a list of firings that have occurred...


current events / protected class information / racism / red flags / best practices / misconceptions / Trends / trump / Privacy

Your Political Posts about Trump Could Get You Fired

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that in the past couple years, Trump memes have exploded onto...


current events / racism / privacy settings / social media policy / Risk management / online investigations / Privacy

CBP’s PR Nightmare: What We Can Learn from That Secret Facebook Group

Earlier this week ProPublica dropped a shocking exposé about a secret Facebook group operated by...


workplace safety / HR Tech / Risk management / Diversity / Millennials

How Women-Run Companies Can Make Their Workplaces Better

Being a woman is hard enough. Being a woman running a business for women is even harder. Because...


social media background checks / social media screening / workplace safety / re-screening employees / Risk management / criminal background check

Why Political Campaigns Should Use Social Media Screening for All Their Staffers

As American political candidates begin ramping up for an election year, it seems only timely to...

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