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Lindsey Twigg

Lindsey is an HR content writer and lifestyle blogger.

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teacher on laptop in classroom

social media screening / social media policy / education

Social Media Policy and Screening in K-12 Education

As the pandemic has forced educational systems to move suddenly and holistically into digital...

toxic workplace behavior / diversity & inclusion

Bianca Lager, President of Social Intel to Speak at SHRM Inclusion 2020

Social Intelligence is pleased to announce that our President, Bianca Lager, is slated to speak...

police officers on phones

social media screening / law enforcement / social media policy / toxic workplace behavior

Managing Toxic Behavior with Social Media Policies in Law Enforcement

As digital platforms expand to include (and blur) both public and private discourse, law...

education industry / social media background checks / diversity & inclusion

Expanding Diversity & Inclusion in Education With Social Media Screening

Although the fight for affirmative action has been at work for some time, the education industry...


red flags / social media screening / First Amendment

Social Media Platforms and Hate Speech

The role of social media platforms in censoring content continues to be an evolving conversation...


law enforcement / holistic screening / diversity & inclusion

Driving Diversity Through Social Media Screening in the Law Enforcement Industry

As the corporate landscape continues to face a reckoning in terms of the effectiveness of their...

Bianca Lager, President to Speak at Multiple September Engagements

Social Intelligence is pleased to represent the forefront of social media background screening...

cancel culture

Why Cancel Culture Misses the Point

As the digital era gives way to internet mob psychology, companies endure exponentially more...

social media screening anxiety

Managing Screening Anxiety: Dispelling Big Brother Fears in the Talent Pool

As companies innovate and rework all aspects of the employee cycle for a digital age, the...

racial reckoning diversity and inclusion

How do Companies Recover from the Fallout of a Racial Reckoning?

As the States continues to experience the most fraught racial unrest since the civil rights...

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