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Bianca Lager

Bianca Lager

Bianca is the President of Social Intelligence. By driving the vision for Social Intelligence to provide productive, ethical and innovative solutions, she has spent her time working closely with Fortune 500 companies and non-profits alike to create safe and discrimination-free workplaces. Bianca obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University with a concentration in Dispute Resolution and is a LinkedIn Learning author.

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social intelligence miller mendel

Miller Mendel, Inc Announces Strategic Partnership with Social Intelligence Corp to Further Enhance Background Investigation Software eSOPH

Miller Mendel, the leading provider of web-based background investigation management software...

artificial intelligence in hr

The State of AI in the World of Emotional Digital Content

From artificial intelligence assistants to smart data forms to ever-evolving hiring and matching...

adjudication 101

Adjudication 101: How to Keep It Simple

As our social media reports gain traction in the online screening industry, our clients often...

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Hiring Post-Covid: How to Manage the Incoming Talent Pool

As the coronavirus wears on, and unemployment continues to spike to record levels, employers are...


Recruiting / social media background checks / social media hiring reports / social media screening / HR Tech

Introducing the Social Media Hiring Report™

We've Got News.

We've been in the social media background screening game for a while. Since...

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social media hiring reports / Adverse Action

3 Top Tips for Taking Adverse Action on a Social Media Hiring Report


"Bianca, I know we need social media screening. It's not a question. But I have thousands of...


The 7 Most Asked Questions About Social Media Screening and Consumer Privacy


The Social Intelligence Mission: Our 2018 Vision

When Social Intelligence began, it began like many other new businesses striving to innovate and...

protected classes / twitter / "unite the right" rally

Twitter exposes white nationalists who attended “Unite the Right” rally

employee questionnaire

Social Intelligence employee spotlight: 7 questions with Ryan

This week we continue our employee spotlight series to help you learn more about our amazing...

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