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Ben is the Marketing Manager for Social Intelligence. When he's not updating the world on social media screening trends, he keeps up on the latest news in theatre, music, and entertainment.

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criminal background check / social media screening

Social Media Screening Vs. Criminal Background Checks

Traditionally, employers have used criminal background checks as a primary method of determining...


Workplace Harassment / social media screening / Risk management

You Can't Afford to Ignore Harassment and Discrimination Claims Anymore

For decades, businesses have operated under the premise that workplace sexual or physical...

Modern man touching future technology social network button

social media screening / online investigations

Modernizing Your Pre-Hire Process? Start with Social Media.

How do you know whether to trust the info that you get from a potential new hire? Personal...

Businesswoman standing with umbrella keeping orange arrow concept on background

social media screening / Risk management

Why Great Risk Managers Should Focus on Company Hiring Practices

If you work as a Risk Manager (a role that comes in many shapes and sizes), you know how...


social media policy / employee termination / First Amendment

Can Employees Be Fired For What They Post Online?

We recently discussed the need for organizations to develop a strong social media policy,...

Kids on phones - animated

social media / social media policy

How to Create a Social Media Policy That Saves You Time, Money, and Headaches

People are fired for what they say on social media all the time. One of the more shocking news...


social media screening / social media background checks / red flags

What is Considered “Sexually Explicit” in a Social Media Hiring Report?

If you’re reading this, then you probably know that Social Intelligence specializes in social...


Gun Violence / Violence / social media screening / social media

Could Social Media Screening Help Protect Us From Gun Violence?

Once again, our nation is faced with a tragic loss in the wake of another school shooting. While...

2018 / Recruiting / social media / Trends

5 Social Media Trends Recruiters Should Look Out For in 2018

Retail / Seasonal Employees / social media background checks

Should Retail Employers Perform Background Checks on Seasonal Workers?

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